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Hi there, I’m Marit and I’m so glad you’re here. 

I'm a fine art wedding photographer based in Minneapolis, MN. It's my job and honor to capture the fleeting moments of your life. As a wife, mom and all-around sentimental gal, I know they come and go all too quickly. Those big moments in your life - like your first dance on your wedding day, to the little moments that organically unfold thereafter. I'm there to capture those moments, bottle them up, and allow you to relive them in the future.

I want you and your children to look back at your photographs and feel all the love, knowing that's where your family's story all began. 

I’m based in Minneapolis, Minnesota and photograph throughout the Midwest.  I love timeless, minimal design and seamlessly incorporate that quality into my work. When I’m not capturing your memories, I’m making my own with my husband, son, daughter and our cocker spaniel. 



My crazy dog, Otis

My little family (photo by Angela Rose)

Trips to California (fun fact: I lived in San Diego for most of my 20s).

A delicious cocktail

my favorite things

my philosophy

My Philosophy

I strive to create classic, heirloom-quality portraits for both you and your future generations.

For these fleeting, precious moments, I capture every detail. I love your groom’s face when he first sees you walking down the aisle and the comforting embrace of your father-daughter dance. I focus on your baby’s eyelashes while they’re quietly drifting off to sleep, or the mischievous grin they share with you before diving head-first into their first birthday cake. I take pride in capturing these delicate details I know you’ll want to look back on, just as I look back on my own. 

I’m ready to savor these memories with you, and I look forward to you letting me capture them. 

Think of the fondest moments of your life—the ones you revisit in your dreams, remember when you’re feeling down, and wish you could relive over and over again. 

But what if you could? 

Photography is a way of traveling back in time to all your big moments—moments like your engagement, your wedding, your child’s first days of life, or the start of your senior year of high school. When you invest in photos of these moments, print or digital, you are investing in your memories and the heirlooms your family will look back on for years and generations to come. 

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