How to Prepare for a Rainy Wedding Day

Whether your entire wedding is planned to be outdoors, or you were just hoping for some gorgeous outdoor photos, a rainy wedding day can be a big point of worry for couples planning their big day. Here in Minnesota, we are used to unpredictable weather and I firmly believe we have a special way of adapting to any conditions.

Here are a few tips and tricks to ensure you are prepared for a rainy day so you can ease your worries and focus on the beauty and love that will be your wedding day, regardless of weather!

  1. It Rarely Rains All Day

    First and foremost, rest assured knowing it RARELY rains all day long. Even during the most stormy and rainy wedding days I’ve photographed, there has always been a time when things clear up for at least a few minutes to get photos outside. It might just require a little more flexibility to sneak out during a break in the clouds during the reception or right after the ceremony.

  2. Always be Prepared

    BUY CLEAR UMBRELLAS: Even in the rain, we can still get outdoor photos if you have umbrellas. If it looks like rain, jump on Amazon and order clear umbrellas for you and the bridal party. While I do have a few for my clients to use, they tend to disappear after rainy wedding days so be sure to have some extras on hand. Clear umbrellas are my top choice because they don’t cast colors on you and they don’t block any additional light from your faces. Most couples order enough to cover the bride and bridesmaids and everyone else can share. As long as it’s not a heavy downpour, you can get great shots outside with umbrellas. In a lot of cases, they end up adding character to your photos by telling the story of your wedding day. You can always return them if the rain holds off as well! I’ve also seen clear umbrellas at Target if it’s a last minute need.

    HAVE A CUTE PAIR OF RAIN BOOTS: Have your rain boots ready. While you’re on Amazon preparing for a potential rainy wedding day by looking for umbrellas, be sure to check out their selection of rain boots. Grab one in a neutral so you can wear again or in your wedding colors to keep your feet dry.

    3. Picture-Perfect Indoor Locations

    Plan a few indoor locations for photos just in case. A little creativity goes a long way, especially when it comes to portraits of the two of you. In many cases, your venue may have a nice indoor space with neutral backdrops and great light. If you’re in a metro area, consider renting a studio space for the day if it looks like rain is likely so there is plenty of freedom for portraits of everyone with a clean backdrop and great light. A beautiful Airbnb can double as a beautiful getting ready space and portrait space if need be. You can also explore hotel lobbies in the area (even hotels you’re not staying in), covered porches, homes, even ice cream, candy or coffee shops.

While I never wish for rain on a wedding day, I certainly don’t fear it. If it happens, we’ll make the most of it together.

Below are some of my favorite images from days that were very dark and rainy to assure you rainy day wedding photos are just as gorgeous as sunny day photos

See more from this beautiful Camrose Hill Flower Farm wedding here.

Bridal portrait with clear umbrellas on rainy day wedding
rainy day wedding at camrose hill flower farm
rainy day wedding at camrose hill flower farm

See the full gallery of this Abella styled shoot here.

rainy day wedding portraits

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